Find Your Spark


Slay the Day, Your Way!

CODA SPARK is an 11.6-inch laptop made for success. When you’re always on the move, SPARK is lightweight and portable, and when you’ve got stuff to do, SPARK comes equipped with Windows 10 Home to help, you can get it done.

Life moves fast, your laptop should keep up. Whether you are collaborating on projects, connecting with influencers, blazing a trail on social media or streaming the latest viral sensation, CODA SPARK is made to ignite your passion with all the tools you need to get things done.


Y’all Got Any More of Them Pixels?

CODA SPARK comes with no less than Full HD, that’s 1920 x 1080 perfectly arranged pixels ready to fire out films & videos as they were intended. The screen uses IPS technology with wide-viewing angles, so you won’t lose colours from the sides, above or below the screen.

Stay Social

CODA SPARK is born to browse, tailored to tweet and eases through emails. Windows 10 Home includes the Microsoft Store, with social apps, games and more. This 11.6-inch Full HD laptop also has a built-in camera & mic to keep you in touch with friends – even when the pressure’s on.


Make a Connection

Connect a second screen at your desk, connect a hard drive for extra storage, connect a camera to sort your photos, connect your headphones for coffee shop lo-fi, connect a speaker to bring some bass. With built-in Bluetooth, multiple highspeed USB ports, a mini-HDMI, a type-C and an audio port you’ve got everything you need. SPARK also has an SSD expansion window, allowing the addition of an SSD hard-drive up to 1TB in size.

Designed to change your expectations. Windows 10 leads the way in innovation, productivity, and performance. With a familiar feel and an experience that’s now even safer and more secure.

Windows 10 PCs do more. Just like you.

Under The Hood

CODA SPARK is an 11.6-inch laptop, made from hard work, passion and more than a dash of inspiration, but there’s also some hardware bits to tell you about. A special mention goes to the Intel® Celeron® Dual-Core Processor, as it started out as a chunk of reasonably shiny rock and can now perform mathematical calculations at ludicrous speed – which is really quite the achievement when you think about it. Alongside this wonder of modern technology are 2GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB of storage.